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Though he thinks of himself as a cowboy, tommy is really a bully. Shimakai martial arts was founded in 2014, to promote the practice of traditional martial arts in st. The bokata featured in this volume are shushi no kon sho, shushi no kon dai, and sakugawa no kon sho. Access to unique okinawan cultural activities such as working in a awamori factory or with a master sanshin maker, exploring okinawas mountain trails, or coastline on kayak, exploring okinawas castles and caves, learn to cook traditional food etc. Kata wakeley kenyukan goju ryu karatekobudo school.

Principles of kata kata are a collection of movements designed to give the karateka practitioner of the art a series of techniques that can be practiced over time and remembered through repetition. The oral transmission of ryukyu kobudo goes back to approximately 1477 and a special significance after the year 1609 when the satsuma clan of japan subjugated the ryukyus. Oct 12, 2016 the 26 shotokan kata of the japan karate association kata is often described as a set sequence of karate moves organised into a prearranged fight against. To further confuse matters, one way the family referred to their martial tradition is kingairyu matayoshi kobudo, or kingai system matayoshi traditional weapon arts. Each weapon has its own set of kata and techniques of use in combat. He received the first shihan license from the modern pioneer of kobudo, master shinken taira. Doshikai shotokan karate member handbook history doshikai meaning the group pursuing the way was founded by master nagao matsuyama, in boston, massachusetts, in 1984. This is a pdf document so you will need a pdf reader application to open, view and print it. Martial arts have been practiced by the matayoshi family for over 9 generations and draw influence from japanese, chinese and indigenous okinawan martial arts styles. Official kobudo kata list kobudo katas not listed may be used. Other noted masters who have okinawan kobudo kata named after them include chotoku kyan, shigeru nakamura, kanga sakukawa, and. Kokusai ryukyu kobujutsu kenkyokai kobudo, or ryukyu kobujutsu, refers the martial arts weaponry systems originating on the island of okinawa, japan. Sep 11, 20 okinawa kobudo volume i 6th to 4th kyu features the basic techniques kihon of three weapons.

Nov 23, 2015 matayoshi kobudo kata bo 6ft staff shushi no kun, choun no kun, sakugawa no kun, tsuken chikin no kun, shishi no kun, sai small trident. The definitive photographic learning source for ku kata is now available for purchase in pdf format. Kata, bunkai, kumite, kihon, techniques, training, competition and applications for self defence, for. Kobudo wakeley kenyukan goju ryu karatekobudo school. The secret manuscript the author of bubishi is unknown as is the date of its making, but with certainty we can say that it existed on okinawa prior to 1900. How to defend against a street fight punch avoid a one punch knockout victor marx duration. Katsuryu kempo isnt a widespread studied art and its knowledge is only given out to a trusted few practitioners in the ikku international karate kobudo union. These fighting movements are manifested in the form of choreography, which allows the student to fully express the four basic tenets of karate. Along with his karate, chotoku kyan passed down the bo kata tokumine. We call the right sai shown in the above as manji sai.

Ryukyu kobudo shimbukan the english language home page. There are 3 major types of the iwama aikido jo kata. The organization was formed on 1st may 2001 by sensei salil nadkarni roku 6th dan in kobudo and hachi 8th dan in isshinryu karate, a resident of pune, maharashtra, india with a view to impart kobudo traditional okinawan weaponary training to the interested students in this wonderful art. The international hayashi ha shitoryu karatedo federations 2014 open shitoryu karate world cup was held in budapest, hungary on december 5th7 th 2014 back to top okinawa kobudo kenshinryu. There are some extra kata in kenyukan goju ryu, and they reflect the perfect harmony between okinawan and japanese goju ryu karate do, okinawa kobudo and tsuruken. Bundled as a monthly subscription that includes new content and regular video updates, youll get direct access to the essential collection of reference videos for the official okinawa kobudo doushi renseikai system. Beginner and intermediate belts must perform basic kata such as.

Kobudo, the ancient art of okinawan weapons, is a significant part of shorinryu karate seiyokai. The bo or long staff is the main weapon used by ryukyu kobudo shimbukan. Todays existing kata go back two to three hundred years or so. Please note that this list has been compiled for reference only from various sources, and is not a representation of those kata practiced by the o. Master taira shinken 18971970, who was a student of yabiku moden and is celebrated for his role in revitalizing ryukyu kobudo, established the ryukyu kobudo hozon kenkyukai society for the preservation and research of ryukyuan kobudo. We also ensure that each student learns the bunkai practical application of each technique within the kata.

T he japanese with their propensity for accuracy recorded quite a bit of the customs of the ryukyus including the martial arts. View all events tags aragaki sochin award bokken bo ni bo sho bunkai camp classes clinic eaku hanshi high dan iaido jujiro juroku kabuki sai karate kata katsuryu kempo katsu sho kensei kobudo kyoshisei matayoshi eaku membership menjo naifanchi neiseishi obituary odori pinan promotions ryuubi bo sansu seitei gata shihan dai tachi kaze kata. This is the first complete home study course in matsumura shorin ryu. In the early 20th century, a decline in the study of ryukyu kobujutsu as it was known then meant that the future of this martial tradition was in danger.

To be considered they must be submitted prior to the commencement of the completion. Superior heavy weight quality pants for highest demands at a very competitive price. All students of shorinryu karate begin their training in kobudo at the same time they begin training in traditional karate. Kobudo was created by the peasants to defend themselves against criminals and bandits.

A kata is a series of fighting movements combining breathing, striking, and defensive techniques to suit innumerable situations. Tonfa soke hausels guide to okinawan martial arts self. Both northern and southern china influenced ryukyu bojutsu as it is combined with techniques developed locally by the ryukyu practitioners to become modern ryukyu kobudo. Kata forms for seiyo shorinryu sai its thursday evening time for traditional kobudo classes at the arizona school of traditional karate at the border of chandler, gilbert and mesa, arizona. The bo staff, sai iron truncheon, nunchaku horse bridle, kama sickle, tekko metal knuckles, tsuifa millstone handle, eiku oar.

They must be traditional okinawa or japanese based. In 1970 master shinpo matayoshi formed the continue reading kobudo katas. Our kobudo syllabus consists of fundamental body movement and basic techniques, kata, and application and other types of paired practice. Okinawan kobudo, literally old martial way of okinawa, is the weapon systems of.

Saifa is okay for beginner and intermediate goju practitioners. Without compromising the coreof the form, we have arranged them according to the students ranks, and they show and represent a very comprehensive research and study of both karate systems, plus the incorporation of okinawan. Kata kion, heian shodan, heian nidan, heian sandan, heian. Mike rother mike rother improvement kata, the five coaching kata questions coaching condition. Training guides world yoshukai karate kobudo organization.

International karate kobudo union traditional okinawan. Kenshin kan karate and kobudo okinawan karate kobudo kata. Shuriryu founder robert trias considered the study of weapons kobudo to be a field separate from karate and not necessary for the attainment of black belt rank. Shall be conducted in the same manner as the kata competition, please refer to kata rules section 3 article 10. The kata are performed only by those with first degree black belt and above. As a member of shuguro nakazatos kobudo organization, okinawa kobudo kokusai rengukai, we are part of a unique lineage that dates back hundreds of years. United states judo federation nage no kata general information officially, the judging of the kata does not start until the two contestants are on the center of the mat, standing approximately 5. Master funakoshi began his martial studies in the late 1800s by learning jigen. Sai second weapon of matayoshi kobudo matayoshi kobudu. Introducing the okinawan karate nerd programme oknp posted on 10062017 by manager manager. In my research, i have been using english translation by mr.

It is also the oldest kobudo school in mainland japan. The ikkf open hand katas trace their lineage from the shurite and nahate orthodox systems, as passed down to us today by shigeru nakamura and seikichi odo. As with all the weapons taught in the matayoshi kobudo system it is steeped in partner work through its bunkai of the hojo undo and kata. Im shorinji ryu karate do werden im wesentlichen folgende kata gelehrt. Thanks to the extensive teaching of matayoshi shinpo and his students, matayoshi kobudo has great influence and respect around the world and an estimated 2000 dojos can now be found worldwide. This submission must be in writing and will be considered during kobudo seminar.

In black belt division, the tie breaker kata must be a different kata. Competitors may repeat the same kobudo kata, except in the black belt division. Johns martial arts centre, 21 mews place behind pippy place. There is a great deal of emphasis on good body mechanics and understanding of range and timing and how they are applied with the different weapons of the system. There is a bo kata in all gradings from shodan 1st dan to godan 5th dan. Matayoshi kobudo is a general term referring to the style of okinawan kobudo that was. How to correctly do the jo kata and dramatically improve your aikido. Okinawan kobudo weapons kamikaze karategi online shop. Following the death of shinpo matayoshi in 1997, matayoshi kobudo practitioners now find themselves split into different organisations. Kobudo was created by the military for fighting against the abuses of the satsuma clan.

Master your skills okdr videos okinawa kobudo doushi. Kanryo higaonna is said to have been skilled with a variety of chinese weapons. I am practicing shorin ryu karate and therefore this is view on bubishi from shorin ryu perspective. The kanegawa nicho kama kata is the most famous among the few kata for this weapon. A history of weaponry styles and masters is a comprehensive and complete book on the origins of the okinawan kobudo weaponry. Contestants must perform a japanese or okinawan kata. When performed effectively, a kata looks somewhat like a choreographed dance. How to search for a word or phrase in a pdf document. Sai is a weapon to defend and attack using a pair of sai. A very important place in the history of okinawa and its martial arts is the village of kumemura. New downloads international ryukyu karate research society.

Our traditional weapons training includes kihon basic training, kata traditional forms and kumite sparring. The paper cowboy, kristin levine, sep 4, 2014, juvenile fiction, 352 pages. Kobudo kata shokai international karate kobudo union. The ku kata curriculum should be considered mandatory study for ku teachers and students alike as well as for any learners making the transition from an existing style over to ku. Literally old martial way, it is the comprehensive study of the classical weapons traditions including the bo sixfoot staff, sai metal truncheon, tonfa handled club, nunchuaku flail, jo short staff, eku boat oar, juttebo. The kama is the only weapon with a blade used in kobudo and compared to other weapons, is quite dangerous to perform with.

Assistance in working part time in local businesses and assisting at challenge okinawa the 100 kata event, international seminars etc. The shuriryu system, strictly speaking, contains only a single required weapons kata. Pdf miyagi chojun 18881953 was the founder of gojuryu. Isshinryu karate kata background understanding the history of the isshinryu kata can provide the isshinryu karateka with a greater knowledge of the kata and the techniques it employs. Today, when specifically referring to okinawan traditions, the term kobudo is most often used to describe the weapons traditions of the ryukyu islands. Dal sito shoreikan budo dedicato a varie discipline di arti marziali gojuryu, kobudo, shoreikan karate, difesa personale, ecc. Kata kion, heian shodan, heian nidan, heian sandan, heian yondan, heian godan, tekki shodan, bassaidai, kankudai, empi, jion, hangetsu, bassaisho. The atmosphere at doshikai is uniqueserious and focused, but friendly and not militaristic. Katsuryu is considered an advanced art form and you must earn the right to learn this art and associated techniques after proving your knowledge and expertise in kotosuha shitoryu. Bows toward the shomen judges shall be done from a standing position. In this setting, you can really feel the difference between. The okinawa kenpo karate kobudo koryu kan system taught by the ikkf includes a total of 51 kata. For full participants list as of march 10th please click here and. This article is an attempt to begin to fill some of that gap in the literature by more carefully examining the history and content of the matayoshi kobudo.

Matayoshi kobudo is a general term referring to the style of okinawan kobudo that was developed by matayoshi shinpo. Within kenshin kan we have a variety of kobudo katas that we are required to learn based on rank. Heian, pinan, gekisai, and any other similarly categorized kata. Shotokan karate japan shotokan house of shoto is perhaps the most popular style of karate, and was founded by gichin funakoshi 1868 1957 in the early 20th century. Nov 21, 2015 tskr members training in kata using the tonfa. The origins of a kata can guide us toward understanding both the application of the technique as a student and a deeper respect for the evolution. The two other kata are tsuken shitahaku no sai and hamahiga no tonfa. It contains a description of the early history of weaponry in the ryukyus. It was created in xix century by shinchin matayoshi and developed later by shingi, shintoku and shinko.

In this comprehensive program you can now learn the art and earn authentic rank promotions from white through 1st degree black belt, sanctioned by the kobukan karate federation. Seisan part 1 by mike fenton isshinryu karate kata background understanding the history of the isshinryu kata can provide the isshinryu karateka with a greater knowledge of the kata and the techniques it em ploys. Okinawa karatedo kobudo no shinzui the ancient transmission of karatejutsu. Training guides for new students 1 new students learning their very first kata, ni ju shichu no kata 27 movements, can reference this step by step guide. Goshin jitsu no kata 430 kb ne waza no kata 252 kb. Okinawans kobudo was at its peak some 100 years ago and of all the authentic okinawan kobudo kata practiced at this time, only relatively few, by comparison, remain extant. Master yabiku moden 18781841 and master mabuni kenwa 18891952 were concerned about this and worked to promote ryukyu kobudo and preserve its kata. Trousers black kamikaze kobudo trousers in black color, model kamikaze kobudo.

How to search for a word or phrase in a pdf document wikihow. Okinawa kobudo rengokai page 1 of 3 2015 international kobudo tournament kata and kumite rules and guidelines the following pages describe the rules and guidelines for the 44th annual international kobudo championships, presented by shitoryu karatedo genbukai on saturday, february 21, 2015. The bo kata featured in this volume are shushi no kon sho, shushi no kon dai, and sakugawa no kon sho. This website serves two purposes, firstly to introduce newcomers to the art and secondly to provide a platform for current members to keep connected to the association. Students from chandler, gilbert, mesa phoenix and tempe train at the arizona hombu in the east valley. Okinawa kobudo is a style of the weapons fighting developed by the matayoshis family. Ryukyu kobudo kongoryu was an okinawan weaponary martial arts style that was created by the martial artist, ryusho sakagami. Shinko matayoshis son, shinpo, was a renowned master of okinawa kobudo. Kaizen event a kaizen event is one in which a team of people work towards a specific objective over a compressed period of time kata is daily, built into fabric of managements daily standard work. It allows one to bring harmony between oneself and the weapon. This chinese settlement became intimately related to the development of both karate and kobudo, but as weve already mentioned, and because of many wars and other disasters, very little is known about the origins of most of these arts.

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