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If you cant find what youre looking for here or want to check out more majoras mask 3d walkthroughs, common fixes, and tips, take a look at the master list. This is a sheikah shrine called the shrine of resurrection. Do i give the eggs to evan the band leader or the creepy guy. Prima official game guide up to now concerning the book we have now the legend of zelda.

Moves one of the most interesting things about majoras mask is that you can actually change your form to become one of three. Wear the goron mask and fire punch the snowy boulder to reveal a chest containing a small key. The silver scale is an item from the legend of zelda. Getting started and collecting all masks in the legend of. Use the zora mask to swim back to the west to be in the giant swirling room once more. The entrance to the stone tower temple is behind you. Fans arts drawings animated gifs fakes compositions. Enjoy the zora mask, and make sure you have plenty of magic on hand.

This text doesnt contain all the optional actions of the game. Zora egg one in the room where link collects the hookshot, stand in front of the large aquarium and fire the hookshot up into the wooden beam above it to get on top. Run along the green pipe and climb up at the end with the added height of the zora mask and run off to the right. August 02, 2008 september 02, 2008 total play time. Majoras mask walkthrough stone tower temple zelda dungeon. Legend of zelda majoras mask zora link figure epoch. Using zora link swim through the path to the north to come to a big water filled room. Check it out if youd like theres a paraphrased list on the left that explains it in detail. After the defeat of ganondorf, link is sent back in time so that he might relive his childhood.

First, go straight into the alcove in the ground in the first room of the temple and open that chest for a stray fairy. Designed by a creative team led by eiji aonuma, yoshiaki koizumi, and shigeru miyamoto, majoras. Now that its done, i recommend going and looking at helmers10 walkthrough. The zora mask will make you taller, allow you to swim and grant you the ability to use a.

What in the world would you do with a pdf files of majoras mask. Get all the strategy at your fingertips with the official game guides in print or eguide format. Red pipes getting the dungeon map, compass, and fixing the flow of water through the red pipes. It costs 20 rupees to play, and if link can manage. The theme of stone tower temple from the legend of zelda. Equip the zora mask, then drop into the water and use a bottle to collect the zora egg. But before you do that, you may wish to play the song of time to go back to the first day, then play the song of inverted time i. Put on the great fairy mask, use the lens of truth and look.

There are a number of things that are different from the original n64 version of majoras mask in the new 3ds game. When i climb up the ladder to the aquarium in the creepy guys place and activate the eggs with the c button, link just stands there and it says this item doesnt seem to work here. In the game, link must use magical masks to save clock town and the. But seriously though, the op is a badass for getting that close to 100% without a guide. Majoras mask walkthrough great bay coast, zora cape and zora hall. At this point in the game, you do not need to venture to zora s domain. Then head to the room with the mirror and the water to the right of the first room. A pdf is a file thats usually opened by adobe acrobat reader. Majoras mask walkthrough great bay temple zelda dungeon. I colorredbestow upon youcolor some colorredcheatscolor. Zelda majoras mask 100% walkthrough widescreen hd part. Majoras mask is the sixth game in the zelda series and was released on the nintendo 64 in 2000. Majoras mask was originally released in 2000 for nintendo 64.

Main walkthrough introduction you will start off the game in an odd chamber. Majoras mask is an actionadventure game developed and published by nintendo for the nintendo 64. Increased defense on the coast near the zora cape entrance, jump between the small islands to a large cave covered by. Save the world fully detailed walkthrough shows how tosolve each puzzle, defeat each boss, and finish the game with 100%completion. He asks you to help get him to shore, so swim around behind him and hold a to grab him, then push him back towards the land. How to get all stray fairies in majoras mask 3d shows the exact order i got them in. It is a zora scale encased in a blue sphere of water that link receives as the prize for winning the diving game in zoras domain. Stone tower temple majoras mask 3d walkthrough for the stone tower temple. Unique among the zelda series, the game included a 3day time system 72 hours. A mysterious figure, the skull kid, has acquired majoras mask, a mask that allows him to stir up trouble for the citizens. Zelda majoras mask 100% walkthrough widescreen hd part 11. After some time has passed, he sets out on a journey with his horse, epona, to fin. Great bay temple majoras mask 3d walkthrough for the great bay temple.

In this room, jump down into the snowy area and use a goron pound to kill the white boes. Print and download in pdf or midi stone tower temple. Hello and thanks again for choosing to read one of our guides. The zora mask is a transformation mask in majoras mask. Youll find something floating in the water which turns out to be a zora. This creature moves around the room very fast, but if you hold up the mirror shield you can walk towards it and then shoot it with an arrow to stun. It also serves as the transit point for link in traversing between the great bay region and its associated temple. Part 21 zora hall in this part we meet up with the other band members, have a jam session with japas. I only have two zora eggs because i only have two bottles.

There is a yellow platform under the water in the far corner with. The legend of zelda majoras mask 3d prima official game. Majoras mask, to receive the same lush 3ds treatment. Majoras mask walkthrough great bay coast, zora cape and.

Comments 0004 majoras mask is the direct followup to ocarina of time, but. This nifty mask allows you toamong other thingsread the minds of animals. Based on early sales indications there are a decent number of gamers that have taken the plunge on the longanticipated 3ds remaster the legend of zelda. Majoras mask cheats if you can not find the needed cheat in our list, check this page periodically or subscribe for this games. All stray fairies at great bay temple fairy guides. Dive down to the floor and press the switch to the south guarded by the spike mines. Unlike previous zelda games, there is not much of an introduction. Majoras mask is one of the most divisive zelda games, controversial if you will.

The story of majoras mask is set after the events of ocarina of time. Save the world fully detailed walkthrough shows how to solve each puzzle, defeat each. Turn around and work your way to the opposite side of the room. First, slap on the zora mask and swim to the other side of the room. Sure 100%ing the game of majoras mask without aid of a walkthrough is an absolutely incredible feat, but what about getting all 100 skulltulas in ocarina of time without a guide. In the game, link must use magical masks to save clock town and the surrounding lands from impending destruction. After you get epona back, gallop towards the western part of termina and jump over the barriers to reach the beach. All equipment upgrades e8744933 597b e9744a7e 7973 e8744914 599f, the legend of zelda.

The moon dungeons are a series of minidungeons found inside the moon, connected by the grassy playfield. If link can take the mask back from the skull kid, the happy mask salesman will return link to his original form. Since zora s domain is the closest one to areas already explored by this walkthrough, this is our first destination. Get in the fishermans hut on the left and speak with the man along with the seahorse with z lock. To beat the diving game, link must jump down the waterfall, and dive for the 5 blue rupees. Right now we have 6 cheats, 3 walkthroughs and etc for this game and every day we increase our collection with new legend of zelda. This guide will take you through all of the dungeons and side quests in majoras mask. If you look to the south end of the room, theres an enclosed area that you can reach by climbing on top of the green pipes. Swim through the lower path with the green pipe flowing into it. Legend of zelda majoras mask zora epoch figure 2001 nintendo n64. Majoras mask walkthrough majoras mask was originally released in 2000 for nintendo 64. Nintendo for the use of their instruction manual prima.

On the legend of zelda majoras mask where do you get the. All stray fairy locations in woodfall temple guide the legend of. The great bay temple is the third temple in majoras mask, located off the coastline in an impenetrable tornado. Majoras mask cheats, hints, walkthroughs and more for game cube. Teach evan the new song as link, then we play the new wave bosa nova for lulu which restores. For the free the divine beasts objective, you can venture in multiple directions, going to any of the four major beacons and doing them in any order you wish. In the mysterious world of termina, nothing is as it seems and you must always stay on your toes. Majoras mask will move to the center of the room and sprout arms and legs. Breath of the wild walkthrough zoras domain zelda dungeon. There is a way to win the doggy race rather easily. Majoras mask walkthrough snowhead temple zelda dungeon. There will be annotations on screen describing all the stray.

Collectors edition exclusive reusable clings featuring art from the legend of zelda. Where the pirates are patrolling the area in boatsgo to the left side and get out the camera from the southern swamp in that first house that you have to climb up aladder to get to and the man inside gives to you. Zelda majoras mask 3d 100% walkthrough 1080p hd part 21. Find every heart piece, get every mask, learn every song, defeat every boss and complete every sidequest with this complete guide. From atop the green platform, slap on the zora mask and use the double cutters to kill the real bombchu.

No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. The happy mask salesman informs link that the skull kid has stolen the evil majoras mask. To reach it, you have to put statues on the three switches here, but you have to do so in a specific order. Welcome to the legend of zelda majoras mask walkthrough. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. Woodfall temple is the first dungeon in majoras mask, located in the southern swamp of termina.

I decided to do this walkthrough because i didnt receive any requests and i couldnt find a decent mm walkthrough on youtube. At the great bay coast, push the dying zora, mikau, to the shore in the great bay, and then play the song of healing for him. Ocarina of time, fans have clamored for the n64 hit, the legend of zelda. Majoras mask stone tower temple sheet music download. It is the location of the final battle between link and majoras mask. On the legend of zelda majoras mask where do you get the zora eggs. It was released in 2000 as the sixth main installment in the legend of zelda series and was the second to use 3d graphics, following 1998s the legend of zelda. Majoras mask walkthrough and guides zelda universe. Part 16 features too much water according to ign and gameplay from the great bay temple and its boss. Majoras mask official strategy guide features a complete walkthrough and 3d maps to guide you through the entire game. Legend of zelda majoras mask walkthrough 09 15 great bay. Located due south of the great bay coast, through a small cave at the southern end of the coast, the zora cape encompasses several notable landmarks such as zora hall, a fairy fountain, the waterfall rapids, and in majoras mask 3d, a fishing hole. The walkthrough below is a complete 100% majoras mask walkthrough that will cover a full run through of the entire game, including strategies for.

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