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The welldeveloped commercial farming in south africa is the. Ranking of statistics potato production tons the 5 highest records for sovereign countries 1 per country since 1961. Potato production in south africa takes place on about 50 000 ha, with 92% of the production area under irrigation. Most of sweet potatoes produced were destined for domestic markets. Potato can be grown from true potato seed tps, plantlets or tubers. Pdf the extent of the potato gene pool, with its abundant landrace diversity and. Rwanda also almost doubled its potato production in the last 5 years and now ranks among the top 5 potato producing countries of africa. Global distribution of the potato crop springerlink. The statutory levy in potato industry used to fund the following core functions.

Because minitubers are the base material for all seed potato production, this increase has resulted in more seed potatoes being sold as earliergeneration seed. Constraints of potato seed production in developing countries. It represents the first interpartner effort, post2008, aimed at producing technical guidelines that can be used by decision makers in developing countries to improve the sustainability of potato production and boost the potato subsectors contribution to social and economic development. Transformation, inclusive of black economic empowerment, e. Request pdf climate change and potato production in contrasting south african agroecosystems 1. This indicates that south africa is self sufficient in terms of sweet potato production and the surplus sweet potatoes are also. Promoting sustainable potato production greenchoice fact sheet potato fact sheet products of the greater cederberg biodiversity corridor promoting sustainable potato production potatoes are one of south africa s most affordable staple foods and are capable of being grown on less land and in harsher climates than cereal crops. South african seed potato certification scheme as amended by r 3 from 26 april 20 2 units for g0 seed potato plantings shall be isolated from each other by a fixed structure. Certified seed will produce 15 20% higher yields than standard seed. Potatoes are planted in all the regions and sold on all of the.

South africa boasts a sophisticated seed potato industry and thanks largely to the countrys rapid rate of urbanization a vibrant potato processing sector, which utilizes some 400 000 tonnes of potatoes per year 2015, mainly for frozen french fries and crisps. Strengthening potato value chains food and agriculture. But, light and medium texture soils are recommended where mechanical harvesting is practiced, to avoid difficulties in harvesting when weather conditions are adverse at harvest time. Relationship between latitude and actual yield of the spring crops.

Input costs for potatoes are higher than most crops. This indicates that south africa is selfsufficient in terms of potato production and. Potatoes will grow on most soils, organic as well as mineral ones. Potato production in south africa takes place in 16 production regions with the 4 major regions, namely limpopo, eastern free state, western free state and the sandveld contributing to between 65%70 % of the total annual production. Farming systems and production constraints article pdf available in the journal of agricultural science 55. Potato production in subsaharan africa ssa has more than doubled since 1994, with 70% of that growth concentrated in eastern africa fao and cfc 2010. Footprint limited is a company limited by shares, it was established and registered in 2004 june 10th under the companies ordinance cap 212 and given certificate of incorporation no. Mainly north america, australia, new zealand, japan, south africa and israel produce the remaining crop. The figure below illustrates that the production of sweet potato is higher than the consumption. An understanding of the crops requirements and constraints is essential for optimum and costeffective production of the highest quality under each growers conditions. Psa could be regarded as the engine room of the industry and through its core businesses psa involves the full spectrum of activities and role players in the potato industry on its committees and forums. Planting periods in zimbabwe summer rain fed november first winterfeb april.

This article will outline how to start a potato farming business in south africa, and the potato farming business plan pdf. South africa is only ranked the 31st largest potato producer, supplying 0,5 % of the worlds total production. Since the potato was introduced into europe from south america in the. A competiveness analysis of the potato industry in south. Challenges to farmers, optimising crop production while limiting water and energy usage applied to potato production in south africa a. Haverkort 3 1 university of the free state 2 university of pretoria 3 wageningen university and research centre nl. South africa s agricultural sector is one of the worlds most diverse, consisting of corporate and private intensive and extensive crop farming systems, including vegetable, fruit, nuts and grain production.

There is a large local demand for potatoes in south africa, with 1. Here is africas top potato producing countries by share per tonnes according to faostat. In 1999 processing in south africa involved 16 % of the total potato production worth r279 million at the farmgate level. South africa lost its competitiveness as in 20, it was ranked number 23. Despite these gains, potato yields of smallscale farmers in the region fall far short of their potential due mostly to a potent combination of inadequate supplies of highquality seed and. Manual on quality seed potato production using aeroponics 8 aeroponics can significantly increase income or reduce the production costs of quality potato seed to make it more accessible to growers. Fall potato production usually results in poor plant stands and low production due to. In south africa, minituber production has increased from 4,5 million in 20032004 to over 10 million in the last three years.

The production of sweet potato is higher than the consumption. The crop produces food per init area and per unit time than wheat, rice and maize. During the international year of the potato, celebrated in 2008, fao and cip helped forge partnerships worldwide to address critical aspects of sustainable potato production. The markets serve as the price setter for the industry and. Root and tuber crops cassava, yam, potato and sweet potato. Ecology of potato cropping systems in relation to latitude and. Potato is a coolseason crop and is grown through the spring months and harvested in early summer in oklahoma. The climatic background to the problem of potato varieties for east.

The total world production for potatoes in 2016 was 376,826,967 metric tonnes. Owing to the mellet familys passion for perfection and an ideally located farm near lydenburg mashishing, psp is able to uphold their high standard of superior potato seed production year. Potato certification service is a nonprofit company that plays a leadership role in the persuit of a sustained supply of healthy planting material to the potato industry of south africa. Potato production in africa potato production in south africa lessons learnt. Certified seed potatoes underpin the multimillion rand south african potato industry which currently produces about 2. These four crops are grown in varied agroecologies and production systems contributing to more than 240 million.

Iv the east african potatogrowing areas, seasons and. South african average sweet potato consumption is approximately 48 550 tons per annum. Nonconventional energy sources solar, wind seem promising for aeroponics. Most of the production of the developed countries 84 percent is concentrated on europe and the countries that were part of the soviet union. Between 1950 and 1998 potato production area increased at low latitudes and decreased at high latitudes, particularly around 53n this zone includes parts of. Here are africas top irish potato producing countries. China was by far the largest producer, accounting for 26. Almost 80% of the total potato production takes place at hokkaido on farms of. Challenges to farmers, optimising crop production while. The figure indicates that the production of potatoes was fairly higher compared to fresh consumption.

Horticultural crops and climate change in south africa. Therefore it is essential that growers use best practice. Processing forms a significant part of the potato industry. Government regulations regarding the production of seed potatoes for sale in south africa are very strict. Use of tubers is the best method for potato production. Root and tuber crops, including cassava, sweet potato, potato and yam are the most important food crops for direct human consumption in africa. Optimization of seed potato production by aeroponics is still possible. The availability of irrigation water is limiting potato production in almost all production regions, but especially in those areas relying on borehole water e. South african average sweet potato consumption is approximately 47 766 tons per annum. Actual and potential yield levels of potato in different production. It has tax payer identification number tin 105110227.

Potato is a high yielding productive vegetable jobs millions of people in kenya. This is mainly to prevent outbreaks of diseases like early blight, which has the potential to devastate the commercial potato industry. Streptomyces species associated with common scab 11 of the 16 potato production regions in south africa. Climate change and potato production in contrasting south african. Potato production in africa the worlds potato production and consumption potatoes contribution to agriculture potatoes are the single most important vegetable crop in south africa food pricing monitoring committee fpmc, 2003. They represent approximately 0,4% of the total processed potato production in south africa. Potatoes south africa is a nonprofit company incorporated under the south african companies act no 71 of 2008 whose main objective is to serve, protect and promote the interests of the south african potato industry. It has a short and hi flexible cycle, and is ready for harvesting within 34 months of planting. Seed potatoes south africa successful potato production is to a large extent dependent on the quality of the planting material. Potato seed production psp, one of the largest producers of potato minitubers in south africa, has been providing highquality potato seeds since 1971. Table 1 south african potato production data for 2010 potatoes sa 2011. In some subtropical highlands, mild temperatures and high solar radiation allow farmers to grow potatoes throughout the year, and harvest tubers within 90 days. A simulation model was med to calculate potential potato yield for the current climate and for projected future climates in 20102039 and 20402069, using seven cli mate scenarios from five different climate models. Due to the susceptibility of the potato to several transmissible diseases, it is not possible to multiply the same seed source for an indefinite period of time.

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